Monday, October 05, 2009

A Change

On Thursday, after 4 1/2 years of working for a small company, I got laid off along with 1/3 of the employees. I'm not sure it has quite hit me yet, at least not completely. I feel like I'm just taking a few days off and then I'll be back at my little cube overlooking 183. I knew the company wasn't doing great, but I thought things would turn around. We had just done a joint venture with the company's co-op and figured that I'd be extremely busy. But I guess things just kept going south and they needed to cut costs fast, and that meant dropping staff. So, here I am in Austin, with a BS in Radio-TV-Film, 4 1/2 years of administrative/executive assistant experience and looking for a job. Where do I go from here?


Day 0 - Thursday
Laid off
Commiserate with other lay-off-ees
Tell husband
Go home
Drink 2 margaritas
Talk to friend
Eat leftovers
Watch Sopranos
Go to sleep

Day 1 - Friday
Sleep in a bit
Apply for Unemployment
Do laundry
Email friends/family for job recs
Call Mom/Dad - find out sister's apartment got broken into
Post on Facebook for job recs
Call Sister - commiserate about our crappy days
Apply for student loan deferment
Update Resume
Get treated to lunch by friend
Go to library
Rush home to apply for job (rec'd by friend) by 5pm
Do more laundry
Eat dinner
Watch TV
Go to bed

Day 2 - Saturday!
Sleep in
Work on resume
Search for jobs
Babysit niece

Day 3 - Sunday
Search for jobs
Work on resume
Work on Letter of Interest
Work on List of References
Re-apply for job from Friday to include above additions

Day 4 - Monday
Doctor appointment
Post Office
Search for jobs
Clean bathrooms
Search for jobs
Work on new letters of interest
Apply for jobs
Work out
Make dinner
Type this blog


D said...

Sorry, Ruth Ann...that sucks.

Brandi said...

We're thinking about you a lot! Good luck with the job hunt and give me a call anytime :o)

Brandi said...


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