Friday, July 24, 2009

Casa del Maxwell

We have one more week of packing and purging of things before we load up the truck and move into our new home. I am so excited to have a little more space with a second bedroom, second bathroom and a balcony and to be living in the same complex as a few of our friends, but at the same time, the leaving is bittersweet.

It's not that we're moving far away and leaving behind people we love, like Patrick's sister and our brother-in-law did back in May. It's just that, well, this was our first home together. The first place we picked out and furnished and lived in for the past five years. We know all its quirks and how loud our current neighbors are. I know where all the light switches are without having to run my hand up and down a wall. I know how to find my way from the darkened kitchen to my side of the bed without stubbing my toe.

So, in a couple months, once we get things all set up in Casa del Maxwell, come on out for a visit! We'll have an actual guest bedroom for you to stay in! That is, as long as you don't mind sharing it with the kitties...


Jill said...

raise your hand if you vote housewarming party and/or wine and dinner get together... mine is in the air!

i'll bring dessert!

ok...i'll let you actually move and get settled before planning parties for you haha.

Maxmom said...

The apartment looks so nice!! Can't wait till you get in and settled. Good luck on the move.
Love you bunches!!

Earth Lingua said...

I happy that read of you post.

Thank You
Earth Lingua